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                  We have the cleanest washing machines guarantee.  
                  Our machines are inspected and maintained daily.
We're shocked to find out how many old, out-dated, dirty washing machines companies are forcing customers to use.  Disgusting !
- Cleanest washing                 machines available
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- Volume Discounts
Wash and Fold               
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How does never doing laundry again sound?  It's a reality with our Wash & Fold.  Perfect for busy people on the go.  
Never do laundry again
Wash & Fold
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All Washed Up prides itself on having the newest and cleanest washing machines plus a fun, comfortable atmosphere for you to visit. Our store in monitored by video security for your safety. Clean is our middle name.
- Convenient location
Get my laundry done East Hartford.
Our machines keep your clothes cleaner

All Washed Up Laundry
 It doesn't make sense to wash your clothes in a dirty, old washing machine.   
Wash and Fold Laundry East Hartford CT
Tired of doing laundry?             We're not!
No more laundry please !!!!!!!!!
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488 Park Ave East Hartford CT 06108
Wash & Fold only $1.00 cents a lb. w/ a 10 lb. minimum 
We're only
Wash and Fold benefits
- Ultimate Convenience
- Saves you money on                     heated  water and dryer use.
- Saves you valuable time  
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Save time and money. Never do laundry again !
We are the cleanest laundry stop in East Hartford Guaranteed!  Our machines are maintained daily for the best results.
Others in the area are $1.25 a lb.
- Snack machine
- Soap Center
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       7am to 8pm 
Join our Wash and Fold Club today. Visit us 8x & do 8 loads of wash and get 1 load free. Visit us for details.